2023-2024 Ohlone Scholarships

Posted on May 27, 2023
With the help of a private donor and in coordination with the Ohlone College Foundation, our Club is proud to award four $1,000 scholarships to Ohlone College for 2023-2024.  Our recipients are:
  • Paulett Cardona is graduating from Irvington High School.  She aspires to a career in Psychology and Business which can be applied in a wide range of fields such as Human Resources.
  • Kiana Doan is graduating from Kennedy High School.  She aspires to a Business career in Film, Television, and Electronic Media.
  • Priah Paramore is graduating from Kennedy High School.  She aspires to a career in either Architecture/Civil Engineering or Teaching.
  • Stephany Delacruz Gutierrez is graduating from Kennedy High School.  She aspires to a career in Business.
These students are all bright and determined to build a future for themselves that benefits the world they live in.  It is our honor to help them along their way.
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Quenching a Thurst for Knowledge

Posted on Sep 01, 2022
Our Club has been awarded a Rotary District Grant as the lead Club for a joint project of Rotary Clubs in our immediate area. This grant will provide laptop computers for school classroom use at Escuela 21 Middle School in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. This grant for $10,800 will purchase and install laptop computers for student studies in mathematics, science, history, and Spanish, as well as focused classes devoted to specific skills or trades such as information technology.  By providing laptops to the students at Escuela 21, they will be able to put practical use to what they are learning just in theory at this point.  The curriculum that the teachers are given can actually be used once they have the computers necessary to effectuate their lessons.  The school serves 520 students ages 13- 17 from low-income families in the area.
This project is a cooperative effort of the Rotary Clubs of Fremont, Fremont Morning, FUN Sunset, Mission San Jose, Newark and Niles/Fremont in California, the Rotary Club of Puerto Penasco in Mexico and Pro Amigos humanitarian organization.
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A Truly Great Rotarian

Posted on Aug 01, 2022
Karen Koshy, can only be described as fantastic person and a model Rotarian with our Club.  It was devastating when she peacefully passed as a result of cancer on July 8.  She was a vital figure and driving force in our small Club and throughout our District since 2010. She held many leadership positons at both levels.  She was a past Club President, a past Assistant District Governor and was slated to be our Club President this year before the onset of her illness.  Karen was consistently generous with her time and talent and fully involved in planning and participating in our many community service and club activates.  But her special quality was to bring a smile and fun to the table with everything she did.  Our members feel lucky to have her as part of our lives and privileged to be part of hers.  Here is a slide show you can download that reflects what a great person she was.
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Ohlone Scholarships

Posted on May 13, 2022
Our Club is proud to have awarded four $1,000 scholarships to Ohlone College for incoming high school students.  The scholarships were awarded in cooperation with the Ohlone College Foundation at a live outdoor ceremony on May 7, 2022 in the college's "Courtyard of Student Success."  How fitting is that!  Each were presented their scholarships by Dr. Eric Bishop, President of the Ohlone Community College District. This will help pay for tuition and school costs for these deserving students during the 2022-2023 college year.  The recipients (pictured above from left to right) are Jerome Feronda, Ally Freidrich and Haily Jaksa.  The fourth recipient is Althea Agbanlog (not pictured).  We wish them all success in their studies and preparing for their future career aspirations.
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Spring is Here !

Posted on Mar 17, 2022
About 18 months ago our Club initiated service projects to protect the environment through Project Green Earth.  Since then, we regularly collect and spread tree seed balls in various bay area wilderness locations.  With the help of Mother Nature, they germinate into several species of trees and bushes.  Last year, we spread seed balls in a private pasture next to a tree line near Scotts Valley.  We are now seeing the fruits of our labor.  Even after all these months, the seeds that were hibernating, seem to come back to life and sprout into trees and bushes growing from two to three feet and as tall as six feet.  Project Green Earth is powered by additional volunteers from neighboring Rotary Clubs and local youth organizations.  The good news is all these trees are growing on their own without any further help from humans.
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What Can I Do?

Posted on Dec 14, 2021
A major focus of Fremont Morning Rotary is to support organizations within our community who serve those in need throughout the year.  Some of our members also volunteer their own time to these and other community organizations well.  After all, the guiding principle of Rotary is “Service Above Self”.  Our efforts as a Club and as individual members become especially important during the holiday season.  Ask yourself, “What can I do?”  During this holiday season we hope you are reaching out to organizations in your community to volunteer or donate.  Find out how…
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Happy Holidays

Posted on Dec 03, 2021
All of us at the Fremont Morning Rotary Club want to wish everyone joy and peace during this holiday season.  This is a time to reflect on and be grateful for the good we have experienced this past year and look forward to the good that can be accomplished in the year ahead.  Because of the holidays, we will have NO MEETING on Wednesday December 22, 2021 or December 29, 2021.  Come visit us beginning on January 12, 2022.
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More Ways To Meet

Posted on Oct 15, 2021
While we are small, we are a warm and welcoming Club.  We relish our friendship and fun when we are together.  Attending our meetings is now more flexible and convenient for our all our members and guests.  While we prefer members and guests to enjoy the comradery of coming together for breakfast each week, some live or work at a distance which makes it impractical to meet in person.  They are now able to join us and participate remotely via Zoom when need be.  This meeting format also allows us to invite a wider array of guest speakers who could not normally join us in person.  Guests who wish to attend our meetings via Zoom are welcome to request a Zoom meeting invitation by emailing us in advance at info@FremontMorningRotary.org.
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Our Work Bears Fruit

Posted on Jun 28, 2021
Fremont Morning Rotary and Project Green Earth volunteer team from Fremont partnered together to address tree planting to protect the environment.  Last March, the team scattered over 5000 seed-balls, most of them made by school kids using seeds from local trees with 100+ years of life span such as Redwood, Pine, Oak, California Pepper, Magnolia and Olive. These seed balls were scattered in lands located in Fremont and Scotts Valley in California from October 2020 through March 2021.

After a few months, we are noticing that those seeds in the seed-balls started to come to life and grow. We observed many plants, some as small as 2 inches tall and some 2-feet tall.  We just help the environment a little bit and let nature take care of the rest.  We are so excited to see such successful results.

Because of our efforts and success with our seed-ball scattering, our team has been granted by a land trust, access to over 1200 acres of land for us to scatter seed-balls and plant trees.  We, especially the kids, are very much looking forward to our next seed-ball scattering on July 10.
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Fremont Morning Rotary Scholarships

Posted on Jun 02, 2021
With High School graduation just a few weeks away, our Rotary Club is proud to award six scholarships to Ohlone College to deserving students of Irvington and Kennedy high schools in Fremont.  Each scholarship is $1,000 for the 2021-2022 fall semester.  Recipients, pictured above with representatives of our Club are, from left to right are: Alexandra Chu, Andrea Medina Baltazar, Christopher Perez, Lin Me, Leslie Gaytan and, Caren Matar (not pictured).  Scholarship candidates were screened and reviewed by our Rotary Club in cooperation with the Ohlone College Foundation.  The scholarship ceremony was unique to say the least.  Because of Covid restrictions, each recipient arrived in separate cars to the stage where they were presented their certificates with a few moments for a photo op.  There was no opportunity to mingle and congratulate them afterward.  However, each student will visit our Club meetings over the summer so we can congratulate them again and learn a little more about their educational and career aspirations.  We can’t wait.
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Interactors at the Helm

Posted on Mar 22, 2021
On March 17, Interact service club members from Irvington and Kennedy High Schools paid a visit to our Club meeting.  But, they did not just attend.  They took charge and conducted the entire meeting from the opening Pledge of Allegiance to the closing bell with our members watching on.  They reviewed some of their activities and presented a program about their experiences at the recent Interact President’s Retreat.  What a joy to see these young people of action exercise leadership skills and the spirit of Rotary.
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Aging Well

Posted on Feb 24, 2021
Fremont Morning Rotary is proud to have recently awarded a $1,000 community grant to the Fremont Aging Well Center (formerly known as the Fremont Senior Center).  This grant is in the form of a major sponsorship for their annual Crab Feed fundraiser.  Our sponsorship is used to continue valuable services to those who are aging well in Fremont while promoting our Club's ongoing support for their fundraiser events. 
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Reaching Across Borders

Posted on Feb 08, 2021
Our Club has provided a $2,500 grant to Pro-Amigos, a local organization that works with Rotary Clubs in Puerto Penasco, Mexico to serve those in need.  This grant will purchase and install a much needed medical examination table with related equipment to a Women’s Clinic in Puerto Penasco.  The clinic currently serves about 30 low income women per day to reduce the incidence of cancer through prevention, examinations and treatment provided by volunteer doctors and medical staff. 
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Green Earth Project

Posted on Jan 26, 2021
The Green Earth Project is a local grass roots community effort seeking to preserve forested areas in our region.  This start-up group is spearheaded by Fremont resident Richard Sekar.  His intent is to build an appreciation of our precious natural resources among local families and children.  Our Rotary Club has become involved with this initiative because it reflects Rotary’s new area of focus to protect our environment.  Over the last few months, our members along with other community members have volunteered to collect and sow locally harvested seeds of long lasting trees.  On January 24, about a dozen volunteers including members of our Rotary Club braved inclement weather to scatter and plant seed balls on a forested land trust near Scotts Valley owned by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Fremont.  Despite the weather, we scattered about 2300 seed balls and planted 300 seeds on a stretch of land adjacent to a lush forest of mature Valley Oak, Redwood and Bay Laurel among other species.
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A Very Special Meal

Posted on Dec 24, 2020
On December 22, Fremont Morning and Mission San Jose Rotary Clubs partnered to prepare and serve a very special holiday meal for about 100 hungry and homeless at Centerville Free Dining Room.  Dino’s Restaurant kicked it up a notch by providing a hot ham dinner with all the trimmings for take-out.  In addition, we also distributed groceries and bakery goods for later, warm shirts, jackets and socks.  Of course, masks also found their way into each take-out bag.  As Rotarians, we are all glad to spread some holiday cheer to those in need in these trying times.  Centerville Free Dining provides meal service on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year.
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A Time of Sharing

Posted on Nov 24, 2020
The holidays are upon us and Fremont Morning Members reach out to help others.
Geeta George, a Fremont Morning Rotary Member, and member of Vanitha, reached out by presenting a check for $1,000 on behalf of Vanitha to Abode Services.  Vanitha is a volunteer based organization providing services to communities in need through educational forums and charity.  Abode Services' mission is to end homelessness by assisting low-income, un-housed people, including those with special needs, to secure stable, supportive housing; and to be advocates for the removal of the causes of homelessness.
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Hearts for Cancer

Posted on Nov 19, 2020
To raise Breast Cancer Awareness, Irvington and Horner Interact Club teamed up to create a virtual service event where attendees learned about breast cancer, wrote letters of care, and folded origami hearts for Breast Cancer patients receiving support through HERS (https://hersbreastcancerfoundation.org/). The service event took place on Zoom on Saturday November 7th. There were 41 attendees who made 543 origami hearts and wrote 26 letters. 
The Interactors send a special Thank You to Fremont Morning Rotary Club for donating $975 ($725 in individual pledges + $250 from our Club Foundation) to HERS Breast Cancer Foundation on behalf of our efforts! 
Irvington and Horner Interact Clubs hope to continue raising awareness about issues such as breast cancer through exciting virtual service events!
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Community Hero

Posted on Oct 17, 2020
Sara Matthew was honored as one of Assembly Member Kansen Chu’s Community Heroes for 2020 on October 2, 2020.  Assembly member Chu has been hosting his annual Community Heroes Awards for the past five years to honor local heroes for their good deeds. The honorees are nominated solely by community members and are recognized during an award ceremony. 
Sara was nominated as a local community hero by Karen and Jeboy Koshy and the Fremont Morning Rotary Club, for the cheerfulness and spirit of service that she brings to the free dining population at Centerville Free  Dining Room, Centerville Presbyterian Church, Fremont.  Sara tirelessly leads the effort to plan, coordinate volunteers, and manage procurement of food donated by local grocery stores. She oversees the team dispensing food every Tuesday and Thursday and greets many of the diners by name.  
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2020-2021 Community Grants

Posted on Aug 27, 2020
As part of our Club’s commitment to our community, Fremont Morning Rotary recently approved five annual grants totaling $4,700 to local organizations that provide much needed services in our area.  And as they say on TV, “But wait, that’s not all!”  In addition to just writing a check, many of our Club members also actively volunteer their time to these organizations, giving a helping hand to deliver services to those who need them in our community.  That’s what Rotarians do.  Here is how we are involved:
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"Back-to-School" Scholarships

Posted on Jul 26, 2020
Even though it’s still summer time, many graduating high school students are already looking forward to attending the college of their choice in a month or so.  Two students are getting a bit of a boost to attend Ohlone Community College in the form of a $1,000 scholarship each from Fremont Morning Rotary Club. 
James "Luke" Oviatt, graduated from Kennedy high school. He greatly enjoyed playing baseball for Kennedy the last four years. Luke wants to be a teacher or an engineer; teaching runs in the family but engineering looks interesting as well. He plans to use his time at Ohlone College to decide his career path.
Samena Sharifi, graduated from Irvington high school. After Ohlone College, she plans to pursue law at UC Davis or UCLA. Sameena wants to major in Criminal Justice and become a lawyer.
The scholarships were awarded at a virtual Scholarship Awards ceremony on July 16 at Ohlone College.  Both of these excellent students have bright futures ahead of them and our Rotary Club is proud to have had a part in that. 
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We Reach Around  the World

Posted on Jul 18, 2020
Since 2015, the Rotary Clubs in the Fremont, Newark and Union City area have joined forces to develop and fund Rotary humanitarian grant projects around the world.  We partner with Rotary Clubs in other under developed countries to fight disease, provide clean water, relieve hunger and promote education.

In 2018, Fremont Morning Rotary, along with our area Rotary Clubs of Fremont, Fun Sunset, Mission San Jose, Newark and Niles-Fremont, worked with the Rotary Clubs of Wynberg near Cape Town, South Africa and Deerfield Beach, Florida to enhance the Community Medics program for the Cape Town area.  This is a nongovernmental program coordinated by Victoria Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.  Community Medics provides first responders to medical emergencies until an ambulance can arrive, much like local paramedic programs we are familiar with in our area.
We recently completed this project grant, totaling $73,000, which provided an additional response vehicle stocked with medical equipment and training for first responders for the Community Medics program.  Because of the program, lives are saved.
Our local Rotary Clubs have developed and funded 17 such grants, large and small, in numerous countries in India, Africa, and Central America which have improved the lives of others around the world. 
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Rotary Reponds

Posted on Apr 15, 2020
Rotary is founded to help fill community needs by members of the community.  When a crisis, such as Covid-19 occurs, Rotary Clubs usually find a way to help out however we can.  One of the biggest needs to be filled these days is protective face masks.
Our Rotary Club got together to do our part.  We made 80 fashionable, reusable cloth face masks from spare fabric and donated them to Centerville Free Dining Room who feeds the hungry and homeless.  Dining Room staff distributed them to diners when they picked up their regular take-out meals last week. This was a simple and practical gift to diners who otherwise would not have a durable face mask.  More importantly, was a gesture to show that someone really cares about them.  But we did not stop there.
We partnered in a joint effort with the other Rotary Clubs in Fremont, Newark and Union City to distribute about 16,500 disposable masks that were supplied by Fremont Rotary Club using grant funds.  Fremont Morning Rotary alone distributed 1,000 masks for use by front-line staff, volunteers, and clients of community organizations including Abode - Sunrise Village shelter, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Life ElderCare - Meals on Wheels, iMotion Rehab Center, Centerville Free Dining Room and Warm Springs Post Office.  We trust that we did what Rotary does best, respond to a need.
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Speech Contest UPDATE

Posted on Mar 05, 2020
BREAKING NEWS  On February 5, Riya Kataria won our Club level Richard D. King Speech Contest.  (See our Story below)  This gave her the right to compete at the Area speech contest level with winners from other Rotary Clubs in the Fremont, Newark, Union City area.  The Area contest was held today and our very own Riya Kataria used her talents of message and delivery to be named the winner.  Riya will now move on to compete in the District's Regional contest, facing the winners from Rotary Clubs in other areas within our Rotary District.  Great work and good luck Riya!
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Words of Wisdom

Posted on Mar 04, 2020
Each year, the Fremont Morning Rotary Club introduces 5th grade students in Fremont elementary schools to the power of words through the donation of a personal Thesaurus, Dictionary, or Atlas.  The focus in recent years has been to distribute mostly a Thesaurus based on school room requests.  This supports the transition to education practices defined within the implementation of Common Core education requirements in 2015-2016.  In 2020, each 5th grade student in 10 elementary schools received our books to assist in expanding their vocabulary and knowledge of ways to more expressively communicate and succeed in their education.  These books belong to the students for use at home or school.

Over the past 5 weeks, our members visited, personally delivered and showed students how to use their very own Thesaurus, Dictionary or Atlas which they received through our program.  Pictured at right are Fremont Morning Rotary member Russ Jones and Ms. Liliana Leon-Franco, a 5th grade teacher at Grimmer Elementary School during one of our presentations.  In total, we delivered 954 books this year.

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We Have A Winner!

Posted on Feb 07, 2020
Fremont Morning Rotary congratulates the participants in the club level 2020 Richard D. King Speech Contest on February 5, 2020.  From left to right are:  Pavitra Shome, Riya Kataria, Christine de Guzman, Ishan Mehta and Danial George, all from Kennedy High School.  Each spoke on this year's theme, "Rotary Connects the World."  Kataria was our winner by pointing out that while everyone has a different background and culture, we can connect with each other using the principles of Rotary to make positive change in the world that benefits all mankind.  Kataria will go on to compete in the area level contest with the winners of the other Rotary Clubs from Fremont, Newark and Union City.
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The Future Is Bright

Our Rotary Club currently sponsors two high school Interact service clubs.  On December 18, four students from John F. Kennedy High School attended our meeting.  (Pictured left to right in the lower photo are Annalise Gargarith, Samantha Zapanta, Jewel Jurisprudentia and Tammy Tran)  But, they were not merely visitors.  They actually presided over our weekly meeting from beginning to end.  
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Ending the Year Right!

We often say that by having our Rotary Club meetings in the morning, "We Start the Day Right!"  On December 31, we are fortunate to partner with the Rotary Club of Mission San Jose to have the privilege to prepare and serve hot, nutritious meals for 100 to 150 hungry and homeless people at the Centerville Free Dining Room in Fremont.  For some it is the only real meal they have had in days.  The dining room is essential to those who simply need a meal and a kind smile.  We hope to enrich the holiday spirit for each and every one of them.  What a tremendous way to help those in need and "End the Year Right!" 
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Happy Holidays

All of us at the Fremont Morning Rotary Cub want to wish everyone joy and peace during this holiday season.  This is a time to reflect on and be grateful for the good we have experienced this past year and look forward to the good that can be accomplished in the year ahead.  Because of the holidays, we will have NO MEETING on Wednesday December 25, 2019 or January 1, 2020.  Come visit us beginning on January 8, 2020.
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Happy Thanksgiving

As we enter the hectic holiday season, we at Fremont Morning Rotary want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  We hope you can use this holiday as an opportunity to pause just a moment, have positive thoughts and be thankful for all the little things and big things that you are thankful for.
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Small Clubs Can Do Big Things

Posted on Oct 31, 2019
The hallmark of Rotary is addressing basic humanitarian needs worldwide.  One way they do this is by awarding large Global Grants to partnerships between a local host Club with a need and an international partner Club with resources to address it.  A Rotary Global Grant provides additional matching funds to projects that are a minimum of $15,000 from Rotary Clubs.  For most Rotary Clubs, this threshold is often impossible to meet.
Jeboy Koshy is a member of our Club who recently published an article in the District 5170 The Rotary Foundation Newsletter that explains how even small clubs can join together to qualify for Rotary Global Grants.  Jeboy is a current member of the District 5170 World Community Service Committee and the Past District 5170 International Service Chair.  Here's how...
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Chili Pepper Challenge a "HOT" Success

Posted on Oct 31, 2019
Each year, the Rotary Clubs in the Fremont, Newark, Union City area join in a fundraiser to benefit local community organizations of their choice.  This year’s Chili Challenge has concluded by raising over $60,000 and still counting.  The beneficiary for our Club is the Tri-City Rotary Clinic.  The Tri-City Rotary Clinic is a partnership between area Rotary Clubs, Washington Hospital, Haller's Pharmacy and local organizations that provides funding for basic medical services and prescriptions for people in need.   We are proud to announce that our Club raised over $1700 which will be matched $2 for $1 by corporate Chili Challenge sponsors and will yield at least $5,000 to benefit those who need it the most.
Chili Pepper Challenge a "HOT" Success 2019-10-31 07:00:00Z 0

New Scholarship Recipient

Our Club welcomes Meiqi Zhang (center) to our Club meeting to congratulate her as the most recent deserving recipient of our $1,000 Fremont Morning Rotary Scholarship to Ohlone  College.  She is a recent graduate of Kennedy High School and is currently studying business Ohlone.  Her scholarship was made possible when a previous scholarship recipient decided to attend a different school.  We wish her well in her academic and career aspirations.  
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Hot Chili Pepper Challenge Is Back

Posted on Sep 05, 2019
Simply by making a donation and challenging two friends to do the same, you can start a ripple effect which will inevitably impact thousands of lives. Sponsored by the Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact Clubs in Fremont, Newark, and Union City, the proceeds from this campaign will benefit eight organizations. The beneficiaries are the Area 3 World Community Service projects, Tri-City Rotary Clinic, Fremont Symphony, One Child, Niles Canyon Railway, Viola Blythe Community Services, Daily Bowl, and Rotaract of Greater Fremont.
You can support this initiative with a direct donation or by taking up the challenge and helping to raise funds for a great cause. The challenge takes place at an internet connection near you! See how you can help! Reach us by email at chilipepperchallenge@gmail.com.
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Fremont Morning Rotary Scholarships

Posted on Jun 02, 2019
Our Rotary Club, in cooperation with the Ohlone College Foundation, is proud to award two $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors from Kennedy and Irvington High Schools.  Priscilla Koh (pictured left) is graduating from Kennedy High School.  She is aspiring to become a teacher.  Ruqayya Syeda (picoted right) is graduating from Irvington High School.  She is aspiring to become a mental health counselor.  Both will be entering Ohlone College in the fall semester.  These delightful and impressive students are two of 27 very deserving applicants for our scholarships this year and both have bright futures serving others.  We are confident they will succeed in their studies.
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Rotarians Honored

Posted on Apr 15, 2019
The mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.  Because of their selfless generosity, Mike and Audrey Kearns have recently been designated Major Donors by the Rotary Foundation.  Mike is a member of our Fremont Morning Rotary Club and his wife Audrey is a member of the Niles (Fremont) Rotary Club.  They are certainly an inspiration to all of us.
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2019 Rotary District Speech Contest

Posted on Mar 09, 2019
Each year, high school students chosen by more than 50 Rotary Clubs in our district compete in an annual speech contest.  The purpose of the contest is to build a variety of skills in high school students.  They are tasked with selecting a topic of their choice, then researching and developing a speech build around the current Rotary Theme.  This year's theme is, "Be the Inspiration."   Riya Kataria from Irvington High School (pictured at left) won our club level contest.  She went on to place second in the Area level contest on March 7.  Riya's speech described how, as a young child, she was inspired by her grandmother to be her own person.  She has taken that inspiration to heart and decided that she wants to be the inspiration for others by benefitting her community.  She has set a goal for herself to become a congress member by the time she is 26. 
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An Evening of Sparkles

Posted on Mar 08, 2019
On February 23, more than 135 guests came together to enjoy an elegant dinner, entertainment and sport fanciful hats of all kinds at our major fundraiser.  Our successful live and silent auctions will fund our Rotary programs to benefit local youth, seniors and grants to local organizations for about two years.  In addition, we raised over $12,000 to provide a grant to our featured beneficiary, the Centerville Free Dining Room.  This will help replace much needed and outdated kitchen equipment to feed the hungry and homeless in our community .  View a photo album to get a taste of all the fun we had.
An Evening of Sparkles 2019-03-08 08:00:00Z 0

Tis the Season

Posted on Dec 04, 2018
Tis the season for giving and sharing.  On December 1, Rotary Clubs in the Tri-City area gave of their time volunteering to ring bells and staff the familiar red buckets of the Salvation Army.  Members of our Club partnered with the Rotary Club of Mission San Jose to collect donations at the Safeway Store in Irvington from 10 am to 6 pm.  Karen and Jeboy Koshy (shown here) even endured the cold and rain to begin their shift.  But they still cheerfully greeted customers who gladly dropped a few dollars in the pot so that those in need will have a happy holiday season.
Tis the Season 2018-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

Chili Challenge Results

Posted on Nov 01, 2018
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Hot Chili Pepper Challenge which ended October 31.  Initial results show that our Club raised about $1,375 toward our designated charity, the Rotary Tri-City Free Clinic.  These funds will be supplemented with donations from the event sponsors.  The Rotary Tri-City Free Clinic provides basic medical services for those in homeless and domestic abuse shelters that are not funded from other sources.
Chili Challenge Results 2018-11-01 07:00:00Z 0

Words of Interest

Posted on Oct 25, 2018
Some of our Club members recently gathered around a table to prepare and sort over 800 school reference books for distribution to fifth graders in 11 elementary schools in Fremont.  Each fifth grader receives their very own thesaurus, dictionary or world atlas for use in their studies.  We attach a bookplate to each volume where students can write their name and use the books at school or at home.  Expanding a child’s vocabulary or knowledge of geography helps to develop interesting and knowledgeable ways to express themselves and succeed in their education.  Over the next several weeks, our members will visit each classroom to personally deliver and show students how to use these essential tools.
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Club Member Honored

Posted on Jul 14, 2018
Greg Bogdanoff was honored at the 2018  Community Hero's awards presented by State Assembly Member Kansen Chu on July 12, 2018.  These awards recognize persons in the south bay area who make significant contributions to their community over the year.  Greg was singled out for his many years of w0rk dedicated to the Warm Springs Little League which has allowed youth baseball to thrive in southern Fremont.  Greg was also cited for his contributions to the community with over 11 years of service as a Rotarian.  Greg is a past president of the Fremont Sunrise Rotary Club which is the predecessor club of Fremont Morning Rotary.
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Services for Seniors

Posted on Apr 19, 2018
Our Club is proud to provide ongoing support to Life ElderCare who offers free, simple and important services for older adults who prefer to remain living at home.  We were pleased to have Jennifer Shively as a guest speaker at our Club meeting on May 18.  Jennifer coordinates Life Eldercare’s Fall Prevention Program for seniors and explained how this program works with seniors in their homes to help keep them safe and healthy.  She is also a master trainer for the Matter of Balance program which is a wonderful exercise and education program that helps manage the fear of falls.  In addition to Fall Prevention programs, Life ElderCare also provides Meals-On-Wheels (for which one of our members volunteers), VIP Rides and senior home visits that makes independent living possible and pleasant for seniors.
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2017-2018 Richard D. King Speech Contest

Posted on Feb 07, 2018
Riya Kataria, a sophomore at Irvington High School, has been selected as our Club’s representative in this year’s District 5170 Speech Contest.  Her speech, titled “Picture Perfect” used this year’s Rotary Theme “Making a Difference” to describe how women make substantial contributions to both society and their closest friends.  She has also started her own non-profit organization dedicated to bringing speech and debate education to those who cannot afford it.  She is pictured receiving a $100 award from our Club President Al Atienza.  At her high school, she is active in speech, theatre, music and is a member of her Rotary Interact service club.  She now moves on to compete at the Rotary Area and district levels.  We wish her well.
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The Gift  of Learning

Posted on Feb 07, 2018
One of Rotary’s international initiatives is to promote education worldwide and empower educators to inspire learning at all ages.  A thirst for learning develops tools youth need to grow and lead productive lives.  Sometimes the best place to start is with children in our community.  Each year, our Club distributes either a Dictionary, Thesaurus, or World Atlas to every 5th grade student in 11 grammar schools within the Irvington and Kennedy High School service area.  Books are chosen based on curriculum needs of each school so that each student has a reference book to call their own to use at school or at home.  Photo at right shows some of our Club members affixing name plates to each of the books.  Over the coming weeks, we will personally deliver almost 1,000 books to classrooms and work with teachers to demonstrate the value of these tools.  It is truly fascinating to see the enthusiasm of young minds searching for the definition of a new word, learn new ways to expand their vocabulary or find out more about a distant country or region of the planet we share.
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Student Takeover!

Posted on Nov 04, 2017
No, it was not a demonstration or a sit-in or even a boycott.  Rather, students from the Irvington High School Interact service club, which we sponsor, joined us to show off their leadership skills.  They basically took over our weekly meeting.  Qing Huang and Justin Tan (shown at right) gaveled the meeting to order. The students led the Pledge of Allegiance, our Four Way Test and shared a Thought for the Day.
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Plan For The Season

Posted on Nov 01, 2017
We are approaching that time of year when the holidays and a number of special events will have an impact on our regular Club Meeting schedule.  Just to keep you posted, we are publishing our regular meeting schedule through the beginning of January 2018.  Please see our summary below and Club Calendar and Upcoming Events for details.
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Champagne and Jewelry Reception 2017-10-03 07:00:00Z 0

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Posted on Oct 01, 2017
LOOK, WE CHANGED OUR NAME!  You have probably noticed that the name of our Rotary Club has changed from “Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary” to “Fremont Morning Rotary.”  Thanks for your patience as we transition to our new branding.  Rest assured, we are proud to be the same Club with the same friendly members doing the same great philanthropic work.  So, why change the name?  Simply put, we want everyone to know at a glance where we are located and that we meet in the morning.  In fact, we want to get the message across that we are the only Rotary Club in Southern Alameda County that meets in the morning before the business day begins.  We just want to keep it simple because “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” - William Shakespeare.
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Service Project for SAVE

Posted on Sep 15, 2017
"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go..."
Members of our Rotary Club painted the interior of the counseling rooms at SAVE headquarters between Monday, Sept 11 and Thursday, Sept 14.    The interior rooms of the counseling center at SAVE were originally painted in egg-yolk yellow and needed a fresh coat of paint.  So we volunteered to pitch in and do the painting project. 
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Centerville Free Dining Room Anniversary

Posted on Aug 27, 2017
Many of the volunteers, including members of our Rotary Club, gathered to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Centerville Free Dining Room.  Since 1988, they have been serving hot nutritious dinners to the homeless and hungry of our community every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 -6 pm.  Our Club partners with the Rotary Club of Mission San Jose to purchase, prepare and serve dinner every month with a “Fifth” Tuesday.
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Changing of the Guard

Posted on Jun 29, 2017
Outgoing Club President Don Bierman has passed the baton to incoming President Al Atienza for the 2017-2018 Rotary year which begins on July 1.  This annual tradition signifies a continuity of Club governance to serve our community and around the world, and have fun doing it.  Although Al has only been with our Club for three years, he brings impressive credentials.
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Books For Kids

Posted on Jun 24, 2017
Our Club’s annual project is to distribute useful reference books to about 1,000 local 5th graders in 11 grammar schools in the Irvington and Kennedy High School service area of Fremont.  Each of these students received either a Dictionary, Thesaurus, or World Atlas of their very own to keep to be used at school or at home.  In some cases, these may be the very first book they have to call their own.
While books may seem “old school” in this day and age, they are a valuable and convenient tool that students can use to develop increased literacy.  This is most helpful to build the needed skills to express oneself, encourage a curiosity for learning, and succeed later in life.
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Spring Social and Reunion

Posted on May 27, 2017
While fun is always a big part of our philanthropic endeavors, we also take time out regularly to enjoy each other’s friendship just of fun’s sake.  This month we gathered for a Special Spring Social and Club Reunion.  We invited past Club members to join us for relaxing games of bocce ball, fabulous food and a good laugh or two.  Social events like these really bring us together with a sense of comradery and in this case, some good hearted competition.
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Lending a Helipng Hand

Posted on Apr 22, 2017
The Grateful Garment Project is an organization that makes a tangible contribution to our community.  They provide new clothing to victims of sexual assault so that they can leave medical facilities after forensic exams with a level of dignity.  Last fall, our Club made a substantial contribution to their organization to purchase needed clothing items.  But we did not want it to end there.  Earlier this month, several of our members spent a Saturday afternoon helping inventory donated clothing and brought some new blankets to add to their list.  Even small gestures make a big difference to someone.
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2017 Annual Rotary District Speech Contest

Posted on Jan 12, 2017
Alex Huang


Each year, the Richard D. King Rotary District Speech Contest stretches from February to late April to reward the best high school speaker from our district’s 55 clubs.  This year’s theme is “Rotary Serving Humanity”  Irvington High School Senior Austin Huang, won first place in our Club’s contest with a simple but inspiring message he called "Empathy".  As a clerk at In-N-Out Burgers, he makes a point to cheerfully greet each customer and then actively listens to how their day is going.  In this way, he conveys that someone is interested in what they are doing and tries to help each of his customers feel just a little bit better.  Austin will advance to the Rotary Area level speech contest in a few weeks.    

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Community Grants Awarded

Posted on Jan 04, 2017
Lisa Blanchard - Director
Grateful Garment Project
The Rotary Club of Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise is starting off 2017 right.  Beginning January 4, we are proud to award cash grants to four community organizations that make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.  This year’s grants are awarded to the Grateful Garment Project for $6,600, SAVE (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments) for $3,000, Life ElderCare (Meals on Wheels for seniors) for $1,000, and the City of Fremont Senior Center for $1,000.  Each of these community organizations provides a much needed helping hand to vulnerable populations in our area who often require extra care and a sense of dignity.
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2017 2016-12-31 08:00:00Z 0

A Very Special Guest

Our special guest at our meeting on December 7 is Richard D. King.  He is a Past President of Rotary International presiding over the worldwide organization.  He is also a dynamic and exciting speaker who can put the fire in the belly of anyone who aspires to the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self".  His visit is a special treat for our Club and an inspiration for anyone who may wish to join us at our meeting.  For this reason, anyone, Rotarian or not, is encouraged to attend our Wednesday morning meeting at the Fremont Senior Center.  Meeting details and directions are available in the right hand column of this page.
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An Evening of Sparkles

Posted on Nov 03, 2016
An Evening of Sparkles, our premier fundraiser on October 29 was a huge success and a great deal of fun. We would like to share some of that fun with you.
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Special November Meeting Schedule

Posted on Oct 31, 2016
We will have a special Club meeting schedule for the month of November:
  • November 1: We will have our monthly social meeting at Little Madfish Restaurant in lieu of our regular Wednesday meeting. See our event details in the right column.
  • November 10: We will have a special Veterans Day event in lieu of our regular meeting on November 9.
  • November 16: Due to renovations at our regular meeting place, will meet at the Original Pancake House, 39222 Fremont Blvd.  Follow this link for map and directions.
  • November 23 and 30: We will meet at our usual location, the City of Fremont Senior Center.
Check back to our website for meeting locations as they are determined.  As always, guests and visitors are welcome to each of these meetings.
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Veterans Day 2016

Posted on Oct 21, 2016
On November 10, we will join the other Rotary Clubs in our area to commemorate Veteran's Day and honor all who have served in the armed forces for our Country.  We will meet at Washington Hospital, West Building, Conrad E. Anderson Auditorium, Conference Room A located at 2500 Mowry Ave, Fremont, CA.  This event is truly a moving and special occasion which allows us to demonstrate our appreciation for this great country we live in.  Our regular breakfast meeting on November 9 will be canceled.
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Rotary District Governor To Visit

Posted on Aug 15, 2016
Rotary District 5170 Governor Jeff Orth will visit our Club at our regular meeting on August 17.   The purpose of this meeting is to see how things are going with our Club, to talk about projects, events and the accomplishments that our club is proud of, and to recognize our member's pledges to support The Rotary Foundation.  He will discuss central priorities of the District for this year so that we can plan our activities to be consistent with them.   Finally, he will inform us about how District and RI resources may be of assistance in accomplishing these goals and overcoming obstacles.  These visits help our club to participate as a team with the many other clubs in our district to achieve a productive year.
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Join Us This Fall 2016-07-13 07:00:00Z 0

Changing of the Guard

Posted on Jul 01, 2016
2015-16 Club President
Geeta George
2016-17 Club President
Don Bierman
Well, it is that time of year when our Club elects new officers.  Geeta George has reached the end of a successful year as Club President.  Under her leadership we continued to our service programs for youth in our area and provided grants and hands-on service to a number of local organizations that make our community what it is.  We also engaged in a new project as well.  Partnering with the Rotary Club of Mission San Jose, we committed to serve dinner to the hungry at the Centerville Free Dining Room on an ongoing basis every fifth Wednesday of the month.  To celebrate Geeta's year and install Don Bierman as our new Club President, we gathered for a dinner and roast.  We are serious about having fun, so Fenton Kremer kindly memorialized this event with a photo album that can be viewed here.
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Area Clubs Select New International Project

Posted on Jun 13, 2016
Rotary Clubs in southern Alameda County have joined forces to implement our latest international service project.  We will be partnering with the Rotary Club of Castro Valley and the East African Medical Relief Foundation over the next two years to purchase an oxygen generator to be installed and maintained at Nejo Hospital in the rural Oromia region of Ethiopia.  The oxygen generator will supply 6 smaller hospitals in the area and is key to treating over 8,600 patients with respiratory diseases and other acute and chronic ailments.
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March 4 Meals

Posted on Mar 18, 2016
As part of Meals on Wheels Month, The Alameda County Board of Supervisors and Congressman Mike Honda presented a proclamation to LIFE Eldercare for their work to deliver nutritious meals and safety checks to our homebound seniors.  Our Club has been a longtime supporter of LIFE Eldercare and our member Jeboy Koshy (pictured in the red Rotary Club shirt) has been a Meals on Wheels volunteer for over 10 years.  He is accompanied by Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, Newark Mayor Al Nagy, LIFE Eldercare Executive Director Patricia Osage, and Life Eldercare Volunteer of the Year Larry Roberts.
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Rising From the Rubble

Posted on Mar 10, 2016
The April 2015 Nepal Earthquake destroyed the D.S.E.T. Public School in a remote area near Ballia, India not far from the border of Nepal.  This school was founded in 2012 by Dr. Vijay Tiwari, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Fremont, Union City, Newark.  The Rotary Clubs in southern Alameda County have pooled their resources to help rebuild the school. 
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Club Members Honored

Posted on Feb 25, 2016
Club President Geeta George presented the Paul Harris Fellow award to members Don Bierman, Jeboy Koshy and Greg Bogdanoff for their contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  Members earn this award for each cumulative donation of $1,000 to Rotary’s non-profit foundation which is used to fund all of Rotary’s worldwide projects to foster world peace, provide clean water, eliminate hunger and combat illiteracy to name a few.  It is noteworthy that each of these members have received multiple Paul Harris Fellow awards over the years.
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Tis the Season For Speeches

Posted on Feb 04, 2016
Each year, the Richard D. King Rotary District Speech Contest stretches from February to late April to reward the best high school speaker from our district’s 53 clubs.  This year’s theme is “Be a Gift to the World.”  Irvington High School Student Kitty Hu, pictured right, won our Club’s contest with an inspiring account of how she learned the value of service above self so that she, in turn, can aspire to become a gift to the world in her own way.
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Turning the Tables

Posted on Jan 28, 2016
About 14 students from Kennedy and Irvington high school Interact Clubs attended our January 27th meeting.  It is always a pleasure to have them visit to build our ties and share their enthusiasm for service.  We thought that we would use this opportunity to have a little fun.  Instead of just being visitors, we turned the table on them by having them conduct our meeting, as if we were the visitors.  And, they came prepared!
Turning the Tables 2016-01-28 08:00:00Z 0

No Time To Be Crabby

Posted on Jan 23, 2016
Good friends and good food; the perfect combination for a good time.  We shared great times with area Rotarians at the annual Newark Rotary Crab Feed on January 23.  You can view more photos of this event and others on our Facebook page.
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A Gift of Learning

Posted on Dec 17, 2015
One of Rotary International’s major initiatives is to promote literacy worldwide.  Promoting literacy is not limited to third world countries or impoverished areas.  Rather, it is a universal need that helps anyone improve their chances for a better life.   Our Club is doing our part to bring a useful literacy tool to our local area.  This month, we presented a thesaurus to every fifth grade student in the Irvington and Kennedy High School service areas.  We visited 10 elementary schools and gifted over 1,100 students their very own thesaurus to keep as their own to expand their vocabulary and learn more expressive ways to communicate.  While students can find similar resources online, they were truly excited to get their very own book to keep at school or take home and each student took time to write their names in the cover plate of the book.
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Our Holiday Schedule

Posted on Dec 10, 2015
All of us at the Rotary Club of Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise want to wish everyone joy and peace during this holiday season.  During this season we will have NO MEETING on Wednesday December 23.  Our meeting on Wednesday December 30 will be an informal meeting at the Original Pancake House on Fremont Blvd.  ​Please check our calendar for location details.
Our Holiday Schedule 2015-12-10 08:00:00Z 0

Lending a Helpful Hand

Posted on Nov 19, 2015
Our Club promotes community service by students by sponsoring Rotary Interact Clubs at local high schools and supporting their serivce projects.  This month, we are contributing $250 to the Irvington High School Interact Club’s “Survival Sacks” project. This project is part of their goal to dispel the notion that the homeless are untrustworthy, uneducated, scary, or dangerous.  They are assembling and distributing survival sacks containing a tooth brush, toothpaste, small towel, a blanket, soap, disposable hand wipes, and other basic needs.  These items will be particularly useful as we approach the winter weather. The kits will also include a cheer-up note from the Interactors to let the homeless know that people do care and are willing to lend a helpful hand.
Lending a Helpful Hand 2015-11-19 08:00:00Z 0

Making It Personal

Posted on Oct 01, 2015
One of the community organizations our Club is proud to support this year is the Centerville Free Dining Room.  It is operated by the Centerville Presbyterian Church to feed the hungry and homeless a hot dinner each Tuesday and Thursday. They also offer selective take-home packaged food items and other needed items such as toiletries.  Not only are we making a financial contribution to this needed service, we are also making it personal by having the honor to join their volunteers several times this year to help serve the meals.
Making It Personal 2015-10-01 07:00:00Z 0

Building Next Generation Leaders

Posted on Sep 22, 2015
Our Club sponsors Rotary Interact high school service clubs at Irvington and Kennedy High Schools in Fremont.  Interact clubs offer students firsthand experience in the value, reward and joy of Service Above Self so they may become leaders of their generation.  Kitty Hu, a senior from Irvington High School, (pictured at left) is one of our exceptional Interact students who will be attending Rotary’s Interact Fall Leadership Conference on October 11 at Independence High School, in San Jose.  She is currently serving her second term as Club President and she is also the International Projects Coordinator for the entire Rotary District.  Last year, the District Interact Clubs raised over $100,000 to provide medical supplies and skill training for families in Kenya.
Building Next Generation Leaders 2015-09-22 07:00:00Z 0

Having Fun for a Purpose

Posted on Sep 14, 2015
Who says you can't have fun and accomplish a lot of good at the same time? On Saturday, September 12 the southern Alameda County Rotary Clubs hosted the 24th annual Beer & Chili Fest at Newpark Mall in Newark.  This was our major annual event to benefit local Rotary Club philanthropic projects and other charitable organizations.  About a dozen organizations prepared samplings of their best chili and 9 local breweries were on hand to provide tastes of their beer to wash it all down. Add live music, arts & craft and vendor booths and a Kid Zone to keep the little ones entertained, and you end up with an afternoon of fun that will help a whole lot of people in need. 
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New 2015/16 Presidents at July 8 Cabinet Meeting Gregory Bogdanoff 2015-07-07 07:00:00Z 0

Welcome Home Baskets for Veterans: Round 2

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff on Dec 10, 2013

Dave and Connie Clayton purchased and delivered 2 complete sets of Welcome Home Baskets for Military Returning Veterans settling in the Bay Area.  A lengthy list of new home supplies including blankets, towels, dishware, kitchenware, and other necessities were purchased by Dave and Connie which they delivered to Jean Morgan at Abode Services on Dec 5th this year.   Abode Services manages the Welcome Home Basket program and makes sure that returning members of the military have needed household supplies to start their new home in the Bay Area.

Thanks Dave, Thanks ConnieImage 

Welcome Home Baskets for Veterans: Round 2 Gregory Bogdanoff 2013-12-11 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome Baskets for Vets

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Jul 25, 2012
Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary is working with ABODE to provide Welcome Baskets for those military veterans who have been helped in acquiring a home thru the "Every Vet Home" program.  These baskets provide some much needed items as bedding, kitchen supplies, toiletries, etc. for those families or individuals moving into their new home.

Below is the first two Welcome Baskets delivered to Jean Morgan at ABODE!
Welcome Baskets for Vets Audrey Kearns 2012-07-26 00:00:00Z 0
Tour of the USS Hornet Audrey Kearns 2012-04-23 00:00:00Z 0

Blue Star Moms

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Mar 27, 2012

This year's "Evening of Sparkles" fundraiser on May 19th at the Newark Hilton will benefit one of our long time charitable organizations, The Alameda County Blue Star Moms. 

Blue Star Moms, Chapter CA23, is a local San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. serving all Cities of the County of Alameda in the SF Bay Area of California. They are a non-profit charity, a non-partisan, non-political organization.  They are mothers who now have, or have had, children serving in the military. They are a non-profit (501[c]3) service organization supporting each other and their children while promoting patriotism.

The Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary Club has worked with Blue Stars Mom in the past, sending care packages overseas to soldiers serving our country in places such as Iraq and Afganistan. 

This year our May 19th, Evening of Sparkles fundraiser will continue to donate to this program to send those much needed and appreciated care packages.

Blue Star Moms Audrey Kearns 2012-03-28 00:00:00Z 0

Ridge Tahoe

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Mar 27, 2012

We have another fabulous item for our Live Auction on May 19th.  A weekend stay at Ridge Tahoe.

Overlooking the breathtaking and beautiful Carson Valley, and nestled on a spectacular Sierra Nevada ridge above Lake Tahoe, this 11 acre hotel resort offers year-round vacation rentals with panoramic views and luxurious accommodations. Complimentary Health Club, Indoor Sports Complex, Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis, Restaurant, Deli, Market, Full Service Spa and more are all on-site. Shuttle service whisks guests 6 miles to Lake Tahoe and casino nightlife.

The magnificent hotel resort is located on Heavenly Ski Resort’s Nevada slope, adjacent to the Stagecoach Lodge and ski chair lift. Our 302-unit resort features Deluxe Hotel Rooms, Junior Suites, One and Two Bedroom Condominium Suites.

Ridge Tahoe Audrey Kearns 2012-03-28 00:00:00Z 0

2012 Evening of Sparkles

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Jan 26, 2012

Mark Your Calendars!  Our 2012 Evening of Sparkles will be May 19, 2012 at the Newark Hilton at 6:00 p.m.  This year's Event will be honoring our Troops!




2012 Evening of Sparkles Audrey Kearns 2012-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Holiday Wishes! Audrey Kearns 2011-12-19 00:00:00Z 0

Soldier Care Packages

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Nov 17, 2011
This year, our Club President Eva Stone wants to recognize the sacrafices that our military personnel and military families make for our country.  As part of our giving back, the Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary Club put together 40 care packages for soldiers overseas.  Books, toiletries, candies, food and much more were boxed up and the packages were delivered to Blue Star Moms for labeling and mailing.  Our club would like to thank each and every soldier and their family for their contribution to world peace.
Soldier Care Packages Audrey Kearns 2011-11-18 00:00:00Z 0

Our Rotaracters

Posted by Don Brown on Sep 19, 2011

We certainly have a great bunch of young adults at the Rotaract of Greater Fremont. This last Saturday, September 17th, from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM we had a total of 9 Rotaract members working along with Luis Lira and Don Brown.


They were able to smooth dirt and lay material down to detain weed growth for landscaping.  Luis worked on a water line that was leaking.  We had to shut the water off for about an hour so we could fix the corroded pipe.


Alex, our Rotaract Ambassador, took the lead in organizing everything at the Wednesday Rotaract meeting.  Luis and Don facilitated getting tools along with food and water.  Alex really showed his leadership in getting everything facilitated to completion.  We need to commend our Rotaract Team for everything they do in support of our Club!



Our Rotaracters Don Brown 2011-09-20 00:00:00Z 0

Youth Protection Training

Posted by Michael Kearns on Sep 19, 2011

We have many youth programs in Rotary: Interact, RYLA, ELC, Youth Exchange, Mentoring, Children at Risk, … It is important that we protect our youth from abuse and harassment. Our District and Rotary International have policies that guide clubs, Rotarians and all adult volunteers involved with youth in any of our programs. The Youth Protection Certification process is designed to ensure that all adult volunteers are aware of potential problems and how to handle them.


Our club members need to complete the on-line training and the Life Scan background check.  Our Youth Protection Officer (YPO) is Mike Kearns.  He will be letting each of you know what you still need to complete to be compliant with the Rotary requirements. 


Youth Protection Training Michael Kearns 2011-09-20 00:00:00Z 0

Diabetes - Partnering With Your Doctor

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Aug 22, 2011

Dr. Dianne Martin has her own private practice in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases in Fremont.  She received her Doctor of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina and her Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at UC Davis School of Medicine.  She is affiliated with the Alameda/Contra costa County Medical Society, East Bay Infectious Diseases Society and the American College of Physicians.

Over 40 million people have diabetes.  It is a very common disease but controllable.  Diabetes is a life-long disease. There is no cure but can be self-managed.  There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 where the body does not develop insulin and starts in the teenage years.  This type of diabetes is not hereditary but is on the rise in the United States.

 Type 2 is where the body cannot use the insulin manufactured by the body.  This starts as an adult and is often hereditary.  This is the most common form of diabetes. 

 The risk factors for diabetes is obesity, stress and lack of exercise.

What can you do if you have diabetes or are at risk?

·         Work with your health care team

·         Learn as much as you can about it

·         Keep track of your blood sugar levels

·         Ask questions

·         Understand and remember the advice and answers given to you

·         Use the information to improve your care

 Set Goals for yourself such as maintaining your blood pressure at 130/70, watch your weight, proper meal plan, physical activity and watch your cholesterol which should be less than 180.  Have an Action Plan which include steps to reaching your goals, ways to measure yourself, what to do if you have questions.

Top Ten List for Avoiding or Managing Diabetes:

1.       Watch your carbs

2.       Watch your weight

3.       Get enough sleep – 7-8 hours

4.       Exercise

5.       Manage stress

6.       Say no to salt

7.       Monitor your blood pressure

8.       Stop smoking

9.       Pick proper foods

10.   Set up doctor visits

Diabetes - Partnering With Your Doctor Audrey Kearns 2011-08-23 00:00:00Z 0

Warm Springs Elementary School Project

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Aug 22, 2011

Fremont Warm Sprngs Sunrise Rotary has a close working relationship with the Warm Springs Elementary School.  We have helped on school projects in the past and are back once again this summer working on a courtyard project. 

There has been a continual problem during the wet season where this courtyard and walkway is located.  It is situated next to a small dirt hill and when it rains, the mud washes down onto the courtyard and walkway making a muddy mess for the students.  Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary has teamed up with Interact Students, Rotaract members to fix this problem.  A drainage ditch and small curb is being installed to direct the water and mud away from this area.  Benches are being installed so students will have more seating between class period.

Work on this project was started the weekend of July 30 and hope to be finished before the school's 75th Anniversary Celebration in October.   A plaque will be dedicated to our Rotary for all our work at this celebration. 


Warm Springs Elementary School Project Audrey Kearns 2011-08-23 00:00:00Z 0
District Governor Arley Marley's Visit Audrey Kearns 2011-07-27 00:00:00Z 0
The Rotary International Foundation John Blakely 2011-07-27 00:00:00Z 0
Thank You Letters for Atlases Audrey Kearns 2011-06-08 00:00:00Z 0
"Citizen of the Year" Award Michael Kearns 2011-06-07 00:00:00Z 0
Beth Jens, Ambassadorial Scholar Audrey Kearns 2011-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Club Donates Largest Check to Polio in the District! Audrey Kearns 2011-04-26 00:00:00Z 0
An Evening of Sparkles Audrey Kearns 2011-03-14 00:00:00Z 0

Save Fremont Students

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Mar 05, 2011

Christina Broadwin, mother and parent of three, became involved in 2010 with the grass root campaign, "Save Fremont Students."   School budgets were being drastically reduced.  With 32,000 students in the Fremont Unified School District, a 25 million shortfall was announced.  This meant that all music, art, science and PE teachers would be laid off and programs lost, the 20-1 classroom ratio would be increased to 30-1 in elementary schools and class size increasing to 35-40 students in high schools.  The parents in the district felt this was unacceptable and decided to start a campaign to raise 4.5 million by July 15, 2010.  The group first met over Memorial Day weekend, 2010, two weeks before school was to end, to discuss how they were going to accomplish this.

All the schools in the district participated, teachers, parent and students were involved and the campaign was endorsed by the School Board and the Fremont Education Foundation.  A donation of $475 per family was being asked.  After much research through the Bay Area, they discovered that other school districts who also asked for donations to cover shortfalls, asked for an average of $300 per family.  Families were allowed to designate if they wanted their wanted their donation to go to the elementary, junior high or high school level.

They had multiple donation streams, alumni, future families, small and medium size businesses, current families and corporate matching grants.  They had rallies, held flea markets, Shop for Students Day at certain local stores, set up donation tables around the city.  They tapped into viral messaging (Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, bizM3 and Paypal).  Within 10 days of starting the Facebook page they had 2,000 friends.  They promoted via radio stations and newspapers.  Utilization of high school students was essential to their success.  The students organized their own fundraising, managed it and ran it.

At the end of 7 weeks, they presented the Fremont Unified School District a check for $700,000.  They were able to hire back 6 specialty teachers who work at the elementary school level.  Given more time, they feel they could have raised more money.

The unforeseen benefits of the campaign were the friendships made all across the district, created an awareness in the city about the problem which helped to pass Meausre K, a parcel tax of $13 million over 5 years for our schools, and helped to make the teachers feel valued.

There is a possibility that the parent group may work with the school district again this year.


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NUMMI Re-Employment Center

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Nov 12, 2010

Before NUMMI closed its door in April, there was approximatey 4,500 wokers employed there.   NUMMI had six (6) months to prepare for the closing. They worked with the Workforce Inforcement Board (WIB).  Two thousand (2,000) dis-placed employees signed up for assistance wih the NRC.  Javiier Contreras is a Business Service Representative at the NUMMI Re-Employment Center (NRC) working with employers with their business needs. 

The NRC's focus is to assist businesses and job seekers.  Some of the services NRC offers businesses are:

*  No Fee Job Lisings

*  On-the-job training

*  Interview Facilities

*  Retraining and Skills Upgrade training programs

*  Workshops and seminars

NRC's goal is to help the dis-located employees find new employment and to assist with any trainin needed.  Everyone is encouraged to seek employment now and not to wait to be called back to work at Tesla. 

The NMMI Worker has a lot to offer.  To name just a few:

*  Specialize in Lean Manufacturing

*  NUMMI was the training model for managers within the US and Canad

*  Job seekers implemented the team concept and comprehended the importance of professional communication

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Teen Challenge

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Oct 12, 2010


Teen Challenge is a 12-18 months recovery program that has been in the Bay since the 1960's.  Today there are over 200 homes in the United States alone that provides help to those struggling with any type of destructive and abusive addiction and lifestyles.  Teen Challenge was started 53 years ago to help teenagers and has grown to assisting men, women, teenagers, children and entire families who are on the road to recovery.

Teen Challenge NorWestCal/Nevada has been in the Bay Area for over 30 years.  They have five homes in the Bay Area, two in Nevada and three in Humboldt County.  Worldwide, they have over 1,400 facilities outside of the United States.  In the South Bay, Teen Challenge has two centers for women and the Asbury Center, which is a family center.  The Asbury Center is the only center of its kind in the world within the Teen Challenge organization which takes in families. 

Teen Challenge receives their clients by word of mouth and thru the court system.  Seventy percent (70%) of their funding comes from donors with the remaining thirty percent (30%) made up from their work study program and fundraising.  The cost to the organization is approximtely $2,400/month per client.

Attending the program today was Randy, a young women who is completing the program at Teen Challenge.  She came from a life of abuse and addiction and has learned what a safe home and a family should look like. She has learned self esteem and how to care for herself and her child.  She is leaving the program an entirely different person than the one who entered a year ago.

For more information on Teen Challenge you can go to www.teenchallenge.net.


Judy Woodard was our speaker today.  She is the Director at the women's and children's home here in San Jose.

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Create Outstanding Growth in your Rotary Club!

Posted by Loren Harper on Aug 11, 2010
The following report is from the Rotary Club of Springfield Oregon (D511) who had a spectacular year of bringing in new memers in 2009-2010 and seems well on their way to having another great year.  Read on . . .
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Youth Protection Training

Posted by Audrey Kearns on Aug 09, 2010
The Youth Protection Certification training is available online via an organization that does training for Rotary. For those who are interested in getting this valuable training, you need to contact Sandi Pantages thru the District website. She will forward you the link to the training module.
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Wheel Chairs for Monterrey, Mexico

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

ImageImageFremont Warm  Springs Sunrise Rotary member Jeboy Koshy,  along with several Rotarians from Rotary District 5170 were in Monterrey, Mexico to distribute Wheelchairs. The group, in partnership with several Rotary clubs from metropolitan Monterrey and the Wheelchair Foundation,  distributed 350 wheelchairs on March 14. This wheelchair distribution was one of the largest undertaken by Rotary. The project was Governor Ed Jellen's idea to give Rotarians a hands on experience in a World Community Service project. Jeboy Koshy is  District 5170 International Service Chair. During their visit our Rotarians had  opportunities to visit several local community projects that Monterrey Rotary clubs have successfully completed. While visiting ts, 5170 Rotarians helped with projects in local schools --  landscaping and light construction. The Monterrey project was well planned and Rotarians had a gratifying personal experience.  Governor-Elect Susan Valenta is considering a similar program in her year as District Governor.

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Mission Valley ROP speaker Jim Omlid

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

On Wed, March 25, Jim Omlid spoke to the FWSS Rotary club at our breakfast meeting.  Jim is 'Program Coordinator' at Mission Valley ROP (Regional Opportunity Program).  Jim gave the club an overview of the projects and activities for students from Fremont, Newark, and Union City pursuing training and careers in fields that are not a regular part of High School nor college curriculums.    The FWSS Rotary club hopes to partner with the Mission Valley ROP and help students get started in blue collar careers that are important to the community, but not part of the usual college offerings.Image

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Isaiah Dario wins a computer from FWSS Rotary

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

Isaiah Dario was awarded a new personal computer from the Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary club.  Dario was selected by the counseling staff at Kennedy HS as a dedicated, and economically deserving, student.   Using a computer from Rotary D5170's 'Computers for Children at Risk' program, the FWSS and the Kennedy HS staff selected Isaiah as the recipient for this year's computer.   Isaiah is graduating from Kennedy HS this spring and plans to attend college at Humboldt State University.   He will be playing on the soccer team at Humboldt State and will use the personal computer to keep up with his school work while on long road trips with the soccer team.Image

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Evening of Sparkles at the Taj Mahal - Feb 7, 2015

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

Close to 200 Rotarians and their guests attended the 'Evening of Sparkles at the Taj Mahal' on Feb 7, 2015.    This elegant event was held at Castlewood CC and included a champagne reception, silent auction, wonderful dinner, live auction, and fascinating show of fashion featuring Indian saris.ImageImageImageImage

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Membership Mixer

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

The Rotary clubs of Area 3, lead by the Niles Rotary club, held a Membership Mixer on Oct 28th at Washington Hospital West auditorium.   Over 150 Rotarians and their guests enjoyed a great meal, generous wine, and new fellowship.    In addition to the buffet dinner organized by Niles Rotary, the speakers: Daren Young,  Rick King, and Brad Howard delivered a strong message about the benefits of membership in Rotary.    All presidents of Area 3 Rotary attended the Membership Mixer.


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FWSS Rotary and the 5th Grade Students

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

Each year, the Rotarians of FWSS (Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise) distribute atlases, dictionaries, or thesauruses to students in FUSD.   This Fall, over 1200 thesauruses are being delivered to 5th grade students.   As a community srevice project, the FWSS Rotarians surveyed the FUSD school principals to understand the students needs for 2014/15 school, ordered, labeled, and then delivered the thesauruses (the principals chose thesaursuses this year to match the new Common Core curriculum being implemented in FUSD for 2014/15.Image

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Christmas Party 2014

Posted by Gregory Bogdanoff

Great fun and Great food for our club's Christmas Party on Dec 17.   Thank you Geeta for opening your home for our club.   Image

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John Blakely and Gerri Hussey, Speakers Next Week

Posted by Audrey Kearns

John Blakely will be presenting information on the Rotary Foundation and Gerri Hussey will cover Future Vision.  Be sure to be there for their presentation.


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Being A Rotarian

Posted by Don Brown

By being a Rotarian you are not only working to help your community and those less fortunate. We are helping our selves with Self Satisfaction and Peace of Mind.

You save one child at a time; give hope one person at a time; and complete one project at a time.

You meet new people and make lifelong friends. You choose from many meanigful service projects in your community and your individual efforts combined with efforts of other Rotarians, have a meaningful impact on your community and the world.

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