Posted on Nov 04, 2017
No, it was not a demonstration or a sit-in or even a boycott.  Rather, students from the Irvington High School Interact service club, which we sponsor, joined us to show off their leadership skills.  They basically took over our weekly meeting.  Qing Huang and Justin Tan (shown at right) gaveled the meeting to order. The students led the Pledge of Allegiance, our Four Way Test and shared a Thought for the Day.
Satyak Handa and Stacy Shen present the story of RYLA
After a few short business items, they occupied the remainder of the meeting by presenting a snapshot of the events at last summer’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards summer camp.  Complete with a PowerPoint presentation, they described how camp attendees were organized into ”Families” to make new friends, learn new skills and overall had a great deal of fun.  Following their presentation, we all had a fabulous conversation to learn about what each liked the best and benefitted most about their summer experience.  It was obvious that RYLA camp was a once-in-a-lifetime event for them.