Fremont Warm Sprngs Sunrise Rotary has a close working relationship with the Warm Springs Elementary School.  We have helped on school projects in the past and are back once again this summer working on a courtyard project. 

There has been a continual problem during the wet season where this courtyard and walkway is located.  It is situated next to a small dirt hill and when it rains, the mud washes down onto the courtyard and walkway making a muddy mess for the students.  Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise Rotary has teamed up with Interact Students, Rotaract members to fix this problem.  A drainage ditch and small curb is being installed to direct the water and mud away from this area.  Benches are being installed so students will have more seating between class period.

Work on this project was started the weekend of July 30 and hope to be finished before the school's 75th Anniversary Celebration in October.   A plaque will be dedicated to our Rotary for all our work at this celebration.