About 14 students from Kennedy and Irvington high school Interact Clubs attended our January 27th meeting.  It is always a pleasure to have them visit to build our ties and share their enthusiasm for service.  We thought that we would use this opportunity to have a little fun.  Instead of just being visitors, we turned the table on them by having them conduct our meeting, as if we were the visitors.  And, they came prepared!
After bringing the meeting to order, leading the Pledge of Allegiance and morning song, the students brought us up to date on the many projects they are engaged in this year.  The presented their experiences in last year’s RYLA camp and a review of Rotary’s Peace Conference in Ontario earlier this month.  They spoke about their community project “Under One Roof” which addresses care for the local homeless population and distributing basic survival packages to them.  They outlined their efforts to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking of youth worldwide.  And finally, they mentioned the fundraisers they are having this year to be able to make a real difference.  It was plainly clear that if these students are any example of youth today, our future will be a bright one.