Teen Challenge is a 12-18 months recovery program that has been in the Bay since the 1960's.  Today there are over 200 homes in the United States alone that provides help to those struggling with any type of destructive and abusive addiction and lifestyles.  Teen Challenge was started 53 years ago to help teenagers and has grown to assisting men, women, teenagers, children and entire families who are on the road to recovery.

Teen Challenge NorWestCal/Nevada has been in the Bay Area for over 30 years.  They have five homes in the Bay Area, two in Nevada and three in Humboldt County.  Worldwide, they have over 1,400 facilities outside of the United States.  In the South Bay, Teen Challenge has two centers for women and the Asbury Center, which is a family center.  The Asbury Center is the only center of its kind in the world within the Teen Challenge organization which takes in families. 

Teen Challenge receives their clients by word of mouth and thru the court system.  Seventy percent (70%) of their funding comes from donors with the remaining thirty percent (30%) made up from their work study program and fundraising.  The cost to the organization is approximtely $2,400/month per client.

Attending the program today was Randy, a young women who is completing the program at Teen Challenge.  She came from a life of abuse and addiction and has learned what a safe home and a family should look like. She has learned self esteem and how to care for herself and her child.  She is leaving the program an entirely different person than the one who entered a year ago.

For more information on Teen Challenge you can go to www.teenchallenge.net.


Judy Woodard was our speaker today.  She is the Director at the women's and children's home here in San Jose.


President Mike is presented with a coffee mug from Judy Woodard.