On July 20th, District Governor Arley Marley and his spouse, Mary attended our club  meeting.   He spoke to us about his vision for this Rotary year:


·         Rotary can do what governments can’t do.

·         What is your passion?  Literacy, peace and conflict resolution, child mortality?

·         Why would I want to join my club?  Am I fully engaged in my club’s projects?

·         Rotary foundation is the backbone of Rotary

·         Will have the District publish a Best Practices manual for all clubs

·         New Generatins – ELC – Enterprise Leadership Conference – teaches High School Juniors how to start and run a business

·         “ACE” team has been created to see how to get the district to become more technologically savy – social media, Club Runner, video conferencing, etc.

·         This years moto:  Rotary Transformers, “Transform the world thru Rotary”

·         Find your Rotary passion and take it to whatever level you want