Recently every member of our club who has been with us over a year received an updated Paul Harris Fellow Pin.  Every person receiving a pin is now a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  This was made possible due to each of us receiving credit for our huge polio gift from our fundraiser. 


The pins have meaning.  For example, each sapphire on the pin represents a $1,000 contribution above the original PHF pin.  Once a member has contributed a total of $7,000 the stone becomes a ruby and at the $10,000 level one receives the Paul Harris Lapel Pin.


Each member received a minimum credit of $2,106 to their account which in regular giving would be a PHF plus $I,000.  Many of the members now have enough recognition credit to honor a special friend or family member with an honorary Paul Harris award.  It takes just 1,000 recognition points to give the award to someone you feel is worthy of this honor.  A member can do this on the website of RI or give me their info and I will happily complete the paperwork.  I have given everyone their number of points and some of us could honor multiple persons if we so choose.


On another subject,  our annual giving to RI is kicked off in November and our goal is $200 per member or $5000 for the club as a whole. Giving is a very personal decision and each member must work within his or her budget to give the most they are able to afford.  Remember if we started now, all one would have to do is allocate $5 per week and prior to the end of May 2012 you would meet your $200 gift pledge.

This is the only way Rotary is able to fund and allocate DDF for global grants and local projects.


Hope this helps you understand just a little more about the process.