Before NUMMI closed its door in April, there was approximatey 4,500 wokers employed there.   NUMMI had six (6) months to prepare for the closing. They worked with the Workforce Inforcement Board (WIB).  Two thousand (2,000) dis-placed employees signed up for assistance wih the NRC.  Javiier Contreras is a Business Service Representative at the NUMMI Re-Employment Center (NRC) working with employers with their business needs. 

The NRC's focus is to assist businesses and job seekers.  Some of the services NRC offers businesses are:

*  No Fee Job Lisings

*  On-the-job training

*  Interview Facilities

*  Retraining and Skills Upgrade training programs

*  Workshops and seminars

NRC's goal is to help the dis-located employees find new employment and to assist with any trainin needed.  Everyone is encouraged to seek employment now and not to wait to be called back to work at Tesla. 

The NMMI Worker has a lot to offer.  To name just a few:

*  Specialize in Lean Manufacturing

*  NUMMI was the training model for managers within the US and Canad

*  Job seekers implemented the team concept and comprehended the importance of professional communication