Posted on Jan 26, 2021
The Green Earth Project is a local grass roots community effort seeking to preserve forested areas in our region.  This start-up group is spearheaded by Fremont resident Richard Sekar.  His intent is to build an appreciation of our precious natural resources among local families and children.  Our Rotary Club has become involved with this initiative because it reflects Rotary’s new area of focus to protect our environment.  Over the last few months, our members along with other community members have volunteered to collect and sow locally harvested seeds of long lasting trees.  On January 24, about a dozen volunteers including members of our Rotary Club braved inclement weather to scatter and plant seed balls on a forested land trust near Scotts Valley owned by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Fremont.  Despite the weather, we scattered about 2300 seed balls and planted 300 seeds on a stretch of land adjacent to a lush forest of mature Valley Oak, Redwood and Bay Laurel among other species.