Posted on Feb 07, 2018
One of Rotary’s international initiatives is to promote education worldwide and empower educators to inspire learning at all ages.  A thirst for learning develops tools youth need to grow and lead productive lives.  Sometimes the best place to start is with children in our community.  Each year, our Club distributes either a Dictionary, Thesaurus, or World Atlas to every 5th grade student in 11 grammar schools within the Irvington and Kennedy High School service area.  Books are chosen based on curriculum needs of each school so that each student has a reference book to call their own to use at school or at home.  Photo at right shows some of our Club members affixing name plates to each of the books.  Over the coming weeks, we will personally deliver almost 1,000 books to classrooms and work with teachers to demonstrate the value of these tools.  It is truly fascinating to see the enthusiasm of young minds searching for the definition of a new word, learn new ways to expand their vocabulary or find out more about a distant country or region of the planet we share.