Dr. Dianne Martin has her own private practice in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases in Fremont.  She received her Doctor of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina and her Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at UC Davis School of Medicine.  She is affiliated with the Alameda/Contra costa County Medical Society, East Bay Infectious Diseases Society and the American College of Physicians.

Over 40 million people have diabetes.  It is a very common disease but controllable.  Diabetes is a life-long disease. There is no cure but can be self-managed.  There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 where the body does not develop insulin and starts in the teenage years.  This type of diabetes is not hereditary but is on the rise in the United States.

 Type 2 is where the body cannot use the insulin manufactured by the body.  This starts as an adult and is often hereditary.  This is the most common form of diabetes. 

 The risk factors for diabetes is obesity, stress and lack of exercise.

What can you do if you have diabetes or are at risk?

·         Work with your health care team

·         Learn as much as you can about it

·         Keep track of your blood sugar levels

·         Ask questions

·         Understand and remember the advice and answers given to you

·         Use the information to improve your care

 Set Goals for yourself such as maintaining your blood pressure at 130/70, watch your weight, proper meal plan, physical activity and watch your cholesterol which should be less than 180.  Have an Action Plan which include steps to reaching your goals, ways to measure yourself, what to do if you have questions.

Top Ten List for Avoiding or Managing Diabetes:

1.       Watch your carbs

2.       Watch your weight

3.       Get enough sleep – 7-8 hours

4.       Exercise

5.       Manage stress

6.       Say no to salt

7.       Monitor your blood pressure

8.       Stop smoking

9.       Pick proper foods

10.   Set up doctor visits